Month: June 2017

can’t spell cellulite without U LIT

I’m not one to keep up with pop culture….at all. I don’t know anything about celebrities and how they live their lives and what they do or don’t do, who they’re dating, how much they’re making, etc., nor do I care. But I was just on Snapchat and you know how they have that Discover […]

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earn it

My new life began on April 11, 2014. That was the day I decided to get healthy – a day I’ll never forget. I had no big dreams of competing, I simply wanted to lose the excess weight I had gained over the years and finally feel good about myself again.   It had been […]

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eat happy

Sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is to stop being so damn healthy. Wait what? Let me explain…  I’ve been planning to compete in my next WBFF show this coming November. I had my heart set on it since nearly the moment I stepped off stage this past November. I’ve been training for it […]

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i hate cardio

I hate cardio, and I bet you do too. But unfortunately it’s a necessary evil when trying to achieve fat loss and body composition changes. There are lots of different options and methods when it comes to performing cardio but which one is optimal?   High intensity interval training (HIIT) or steady state cardio? Fed […]

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Today is National Donut Day and you better believe I’m celebrating. Why? Because I love donuts and because I can, without it hindering it my progress.  I don’t diet. I live a healthy lifestyle that allows me to continually chase my fitness goals without the misery of not being “allowed” to eat certain foods. I […]

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