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earn it

My new life began on April 11, 2014. That was the day I decided to get healthy – a day I’ll never forget. I had no big dreams of competing, I simply wanted to lose the excess weight I had gained over the years and finally feel good about myself again.   It had been […]

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f*ck a scale

I gained a few pounds last week. But you know what else I did? Spent time with my best friend, had some froyo, sat on the beach, met some awesome new people, tried out Olympic lifting, ate lots of delicious food, got some sweet new swag, enjoyed some good company, and set a couple new […]

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“As you think, so shall you become.” – Bruce Lee Transform your mind and you can transform your life. Seriously. Everything about this life we live is so mental. If you just believe in yourself and your ability to succeed, you will.    IPeople ALWAYS say they want to get in shape. It’s probably the […]

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