eat happy

Sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is to stop being so damn healthy. Wait what? Let me explain… 
I’ve been planning to compete in my next WBFF show this coming November. I had my heart set on it since nearly the moment I stepped off stage this past November. I’ve been training for it both in the gym and by keeping my macros in check, and I’ve been able to maintain a decent offseason weight and physique so that my next show prep would be a little easier than my last one.
In the meantime, I’ve been training for a #powerlifting meet, which is coming up in just a couple weeks now. I’ve been more focused on strength than anything and seeing progress in all my lifts is so rewarding. It doesn’t matter what you look like in powerlifting, it matters what you lift like. And I wanna lift like a boss.
About a week or so ago, I made the decision not to compete in November. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE competing in fitness shows but at this moment in my life, my whole heart isn’t in it. Those preps are LIFE-CONSUMING and I have other things going on that I want to focus on but that I would need to pull away from in order to get ready for another show right now.
Like for example, food lollll but forreal. With no upcoming show, I’ve decided to stop tracking macros. That doesn’t mean I’ll be going on a rampage and eating everything in sight because I absolutely will not. It just means I’ll be eating as I please while being mindful of my caloric and macro intake without being a slave to them. I’ve been doing this whole fitness thing for a little bit now and I have a pretty good idea of how to stay on track towards my goals without keeping track of every macro, na mean? So tomorrow morning when I make my daily omelette, I’m just gonna grab a handful of cheese, a spoonful of beans, a chunk of chicken, and whatever else I want without even taking out the food scale (I’m wicked OCD and I legit weigh everything to the exact gram so this is a little scary for me but also very liberating at the same time).
In fact, as I’m typing this between sets of deadlifts and telling my coach that I’m no longer prepping for a show, he just told me to “eat happy” from here on out since I’m right about smack dab in the middle of my weight class, weighing 146 in a class of 138-158. Well alright then coach, you got it!
I’m excited for my new goals, I’m happy I’ve adopted a new mindset, and I can’t wait for new experiences. 

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