16-week Online Nutrition


Included in this package:

  • Initial questionnaire so I can get to know you, learn about your goals, and assess your current fitness level
  • Personalized macronutrient plan customized specifically for your body and goals, sent to you via email
  • (16) weeks of macronutrient adjustments as needed based on your progress
  • Submit weekly check-ins via email with your weight, measurements, progress pictures, questions, etc.
  • Beginner’s guide to tracking macros
  • Weekly cardio outline to complement your diet and burn extra calories
  • List of supplement recommendations to aid in muscle recovery, fight fatigue, provide energy, etc.
  • 24/7 email access for any and all questions, concerns, updates, etc.


Proper nutrition is the key to making changes in your body composition. It all comes down to science: how much energy/calories does your body burn at rest and during activity, how much energy/calories does your body need to adequately function, how many calories do you need to consume to build muscle and burn fat? Proper caloric intake for your specific needs and goals is crucial for achieving the body you want.

All nutrition plans will follow the IIFYM method, or ‘If It Fits Your Macros.’ What this means is that I will provide you with your daily macro numbers (amount in grams of your expected protein, carb and fat intake) and the rest is up to you. You may choose whatever foods you like and eat on your own schedule as long as you stay within your target macros for the day. No foods are off limits, you are technically-speaking “allowed” to eat anything and everything, as long as you track the macros of it and it fits within your daily budget. That being said, you should aim to consume more nutrient-dense foods that will also be a good source of micronutrients and keep you fuller longer. 

*click here to learn more about IIFYM*


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